Terms and Conditions/Our Policy

Privacy and Security

We respect your privacy and vigorously protects your personal data. We work hard to achieve extremely high levels of security through the use of appropriate technical and organisational measures which are described below.

We comply with the relevant security standards of the US, EU, AUSTRALIA and ASIA and AFRICA.

Our Privacy Pledge

  • We do not share your email and names with any other entity or third parties
  • We do not share your papers/documents with any other entity or third parties
  • We do not post or publish your papers in any website, platform, or forum
  • We delete all your documents/papers after plagiarism check
  • The papers we check are NEVER stored in Turnitin Repository
  • We will never sell your data;
  • We will never use your data for targeted advertising/profiling;
  • We respect your right to retain ownership and control of your data, so that you can modify, update, or delete it as needed.

Because we provide education services, we are vocal advocates for safeguarding student data and privacy and want to make sure that parents, educators, and schools know this, which is why we took the Student Privacy Pledge, put forth by the Future of Privacy Forum (FPF) and the Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA)

Terms of Service

  • We provide Turnitin plagiarism check and plagiarism guidance
  • We do offer unlimited free plagiarism checking and reports for those clients that have paid for plagiarism removal.
  • We cost of plagiarism removal depends on the length of the paper and the overall plagiarism percentage on the Turnitin report.

Copyright Protection

We are FULLY AWARE that students should own the copyright to their original work. A common misconception is that students relinquish their ownership rights when they submit papers to us. This simply isn’t true!

Students retain the copyright to the work they created AT ALL TIMES.

Since we are not a learning institution, we do not store the students papers in Turnitin database, so there is no way we can retain the copyright of the student document.