How to delete a paper from Turnitin Database Permanently [Student Guide]

Is it possible to delete a file from the Turnitin database? Yes, It is POSSIBLE

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We fully understand that this is a problem that affects many students who have previously checked their papers with Turnitin and are afraid that their paper may show 100% plagiarism when submitted next time.

We are going to answer your concerns after perusing these topics covered below!

Does Turnitin save your paper to their repository? How does this affects future submission?

Turnitin saves or does not save paper into Turnitin repository as per the settings. Universities and colleges prefer to make their settings such that Turnitin saves all the submitted paper to Turnitin repository so that another student cannot copy or upload the same paper.

On the other hand, non learning institutions like us does not save the students papers in the Turnitin database. Why? Because, we are not the final place where the student will submit their papers.

It will be irrational if we save the student paper in Turnitin database because it will show 100% plagiarized when the student finally submit the paper in their college or university portal.

In other words, all the papers we check are never saved in Turnitin database, therefore, the student needs not to worry of his paper showing plagiarism during final re-submission.

Can you plagiarize your own work?

Yes, you can easily plagiarize your own work.

How can you plagiarize your own work? You can plagiarize your own work when you resubmit the work that you already submitted through your university portal.

How will they know about this? Because once you submit your work to the university portal, there is high chances that it will be saved in Turnitin database and thus it will easily be caught as re-submission of the same paper.

The only way to avoid plagiarizing your own work is to avoid early submission of the work you have not already completed. You should only submit the completed final work.

Can you resubmit your work to Turnitin?

Yes, you can resubmit your own work, but only when using corporate Turnitin like the once we are using because our files are not saved in Turnitin repository.

However, you cannot resubmit your own work to your college or university portal because it will be red-flagged as 100% plagiarism.

What happens when you resubmit Turnitin?

When you resubmit to Turnitin, the advanced Turnitin software will first compare if the document you have submitted exist within the Turnitin database.

If it finds that it already exists, it will quickly produce the Turnitin report showing 100% plagiarism.

How do you delete a submission as a student on Turnitin?

We already said that deleting a document from Turnitin database is possible by either of the following two ways.


How to prevent your work from being stored on Turnitin repository

It is possible to prevent your work from being stored in Turnitin repository only when you have a Personal Turnitin Account.

With Personal Turnitin Account, you can alter the settings of your submission and this will make your work not to appear in any Turnitin repository.

You can contact us if you want a Personal Turnitin Account.