Best Online Plagiarism Removal Service 2021

The Plagiarism Problem

The numerous plagiarism removal services online makes it impossible to determine who is who in terms of plagiarism removal. The plagiarism removal methods that worked in the previous years may not be applicable in the present day.

In this blog, we provide details of the best online plagiarism removal services.


The pricing of plagiarism removal depends on two things;

  1. The levels of plagiarism: Highly plagiarized content is likely to be charged higher than a low plagiarized work
  2. Length of the paper: A 100 page paper is likely to be charged higher than a 10 page paper

Before we can agree on the price, you first need to provide your paper so that we can run it through Turnitin and send to you the Turnitin plagiarism report so that both of us can ascertain the overall plagiarism percentage.

Essentially, our prices are very student friendly. Our base charges are $20 for small number of pages.

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The quality of the plagiarism removal depends on two things;

  1. If the plagiarism has been reduced to acceptable levels of 5% or below
  2. If the intended meaning of the original sentences has not been changed

If you provide us with a highly plagiarized paper (say 60% plagiarized), we can assure you that we will reduce the plagiarism in that paper to 5% or below. In many instances, we are even capable of reducing plagiarism to 0%.

The other assurance we give to our customers is that we do not change or alter the intended meaning of each and every sentence or paragraph. We ensure that we professionally clean the plagiarism in that paper such that the technical terms remains the same so that anybody reading the paper will not notice any significant change.


We are fully aware the customer support is central to customer satisfaction. We provide all round the clock support to ensure that all your queries are properly addressed. Once you have submitted your paper for plagiarism removal, we will constantly update you of the progress and ensure that you get a high quality paper within the stipulated deadline.


Once we have agreed to clean the paper from plagiarism, we will then agree on the time of delivery. In most cases, papers less than 20 pages are often delivered within 12 hours.

Larges papers such as 100 pages long can be delivered within 2-5 days. In other words, the delivery time depends on the length of your paper and the levels of plagiarism.

Just provide your paper, we scan it through Turnitin, then we will let you know how much time we can stay with it during the plagiarism cleaning process.

Usability and Safety

Most customers are very concerned about the usability of the cleaned papers. We use Turnitin to check and guide the plagiarism removal process. Therefore, most customers are very concerned if their paper has been stored in the Turnitin repository.

Remember, any paper that is stored in the Turnitin repository will show 100% plagiarism if submitted by the student.

However, this is a matter of settings. Our Turnitin settings is such that any paper uploaded on it is not stored to any paper repository.

Furthermore, we also ensure that we DELETE all the papers uploaded into our Turnitin systems. Therefore, we provide a $1000 guarantee that your paper will not be stored to any paper repository.


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Why Choose Us

There are several reasons why you really need to settle for our online plagiarism removal service. Below are some of the reasons:


The quality in our papers is such that you are guaranteed a reduced plagiarism of 5% and below and your paper will still maintain the original meaning. We do not alter the pictures, graphs, tables, and charts because the plagiarism checking software always skips them during checking. However, we advise you to have a proper reference for any of those mentioned above. Therefore, the quality of your paper before plagiarism removal will remain the same.

All Types of Papers

We understand that students handle various subjects engineering, medicine, nursing, law, business, accounting, among others. We have many experts in every field and thus your paper will only be handled by a professional from that field so that any technical term is not interfered with during plagiarism removal.

24/7 Support

We have an active support representatives who are responsible for handling all the communications and advice at any time of the day, including weekends. You can ask questions and do a follow up on your paper at any time of the day or night.

Timely Delivery

We are very time conscious because we are fully aware that student papers are time bound. Before we start working on your paper, we will always agree on the time of delivery after which you can be assured that your paper will be delivered within the stipulated deadline.

How it Works

Provide your paper: You need to provide your paper, we check it through our licensed Turnitin software to enable us generate the PDF copy of the report.

Get the Turnitin plagiarism report: We then download the PDF version of the Turnitin report and send it to directly to your email for your perusal.

Confirm if you want plagiarism removal services: Your confirmation whether you want plagiarism removal services depends on the levels of plagiarism in your paper. If your paper shows less than 10% plagiarism, then we recommend that you can go ahead and submit or make the minimal changes yourself.

However, if your paper shows high levels of plagiarism, say 30% and above, we strongly recommend that you seek professional plagiarism removal services.

Get a quote: Based on the percentage of plagiarism in your paper and the length of your paper, we will give you a quote then send to you the invoice to guide you in making payment.

Make Payment: Once you have received the invoice and made the payment, we will send to you the confirmation email. We will embark working on the paper immediately you are done making the payment.

Receive non plagiarism paper: Once we are done with cleaning the paper from plagiarism, we will send to you two documents. The first document will be the edited work that is plagiarism safe. The second document will be the Turnitin plagiarism report showing the reduced plagiarism percentage on the edited work.



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